Best way a business can survive the onslaught of recession in Pakistan

Businesses suffer, when they are missing an effective plan, to create a winning business plan, one need to invest money, higher the investments greater the profits. In moments of economic stress even a single penny counts allot. Many Pakistani businessmen must be facing the same situation.

Every business wants to retain its valued customers, while at the same time inspiring others to become its future consumers. But in these turbulent times it’s becoming extremely difficult to advertise your brand as the costs are overwhelmingly high, and profit margins have dwindled embarrassingly.

Luckily has the solution, if you feel you cannot afford to pay for the advertisements, and your business is in dire need of a new customer base; you need to feature your business on Groupin. Goupin’s out of the world discounts on your brand will not only attract your faithful customers, but will make them your brand ambassador.

They will spread the news about your discounted products to their friends and family, hence convincing them to avail your services. Hence, your old customers will advertise your brand through word of mouth and that too without any payment. So, what are you waiting for log on to
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How Pakistani consumers view Groupin

Group buying is not a new concept in the world wide cyber world but has just recently evolved in Pakistan., a recently launched online discount group purchase portal, is going for hybrid ecommerce solutions with the potential of becoming a leading online portal for getting discounted prices in the country.

With great power comes great responsibility and, while growing to be an online revolution in the country is faced with various concerns and criticism from the masses related to the execution of its process. Some people declared Groupin as a hoax by saying things like “to good to be true”. While some added to the growing fallacies by saying “Not sure I can trust the site” and things like “I dont think this will work in Pakistan”.

Apart from all these concerns and suspicions, several users praised by saying “We all moan about how everything’s so expensive and out of reach. Groupin actually gives us a chance to buy things we have been wanting to buy”. assures customers about their services and their successful deals verify their trustworthiness to the public.
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People of Pakistan are dreading the taxes and the price hike on every daily use product and service. They are looking for ways to clear out the debts and save some bucks for grave times, which has become literally impossible these days.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Allainet (Pvt.) Ltd., with the introduction of an  innovative e-shopping doorway in Pakistan heralded by, has set foot in the local markets of the country,  for the attainment of the cause 'Mehangai ke Khilaaf Jang'. This online purchase portal will extend its offers to the discount oriented public who suffer from low purchasing power. will give out such tantalizing cost-effective deals which will compete with the current state of affairs and meet the demands of an ordinary citizen in the country. By subscribing to Groupin, people can put aside tons of cash for ease in the times of trouble; while enjoying amazing deals and attractive packages.
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Group buying in Pakistan: a movement against recession

E-commerce and online web portals are going hand in hand in the present times, not only as a business marketing perspective but as a general effort to fulfill the financial needs of the masses. Group purchases of products online are offered at prices that are nowhere to be found in the general markets.

Group in Pakistan is a team of data-driven creatives who are working hard to bring amazing offers that will help the Pakistani nation to save some of their hard earned bucks. The offering by this exciting discount portal put forth up to 90% price cuts on items of daily use for every customer.

The successful sugar deal, the first of many impending discount deals, which offered an exciting discount for consumers, became the first step for Group in Pakistan for a struggle against recession and poverty in the country. Group in Pakistan gained encouraging reactions and reviews from larger masses; who are now look forward to get a hold of next economical deal at an extremely competitive rate.
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